Cavaliers of Porphyra


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Cavaliers of Porphyra

Cavaliers are warriors that stand out from rank-and-file soldiers, berserker shock troops, or irregular adventurers; they all stand for a chosen cause, a direction of purpose that defines and aids them in their endeavors, be they common or grandiose. The cause of a cavalier is outlined in the edicts, or basic philosophy, that defines their chosen belief, known as an order.

Within this release you will find:

5 new cavalier orders from the Order of the Murasakishi to the Order of the Crimson Lance.

A bizarre polar tuber that can be used as a cavalier's mount.

3 new cavalier disorders from the Disorder of the Infinite to the Disorder of the Hoof. Cavalier orders for the less orderly folk of Porphyra.

4 new feats, 4 magic items and a sample 1st level PC like all the - Classes of Porphyra books.