Chronicle of the Gatekeepers - Alpha To Save a Soul


Louis Porter Jr. Design

PDF / Pathfinder

Chronicle of the Gatekeepers - Alpha To Save a Soul

Chronicle of the Gatekeepers - Campaign Serial Alpha: To Save a Soul

In the search for the soul-mangling wizard to bring him to justice for his crimes, the adventurers track him to a long-forgotten ruin, only to discover that their quarry has fled not just the kingdom, but their world entirely!

Learning that his escape was made possible by a race of militaristic wasp-men, who insist that his freedom from persecution serves the greater purpose of a group known as the Gatekeepers, the heroes follow the wizard through the portal and find themselves trapped on a distant world, abounding with new opportunities, allies, and dangers.

Yet, even as the adventurers work their way across the dangerous landscape to a slim chance at safety, the Gatekeepers begin to array themselves against the party with greater and greater shows of power, raising far more questions than they answer.

This adventure is the beginning of the Chronicle of the Gatekeepers Campaign Serial, and includes:

  • An introduction to the world of Exodus, home of the NeoExodus campaign setting.
  • Three new weapons: the wrist-mounted trophedon and parvatrophedon, and the long-distance sting rifle.
  • Two new artifacts: the Nexus Gateway and the Nexus Key.
  • A new type of magical item, the racial implant, which allows PCs to infuse themselves with the qualities held dear by members of another race.
  • Stats for the wasp-like vespans, whose cunning and cruelty are matched only by their willingness to serve their mysterious masters.