Class Codex: The Spellwright

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Class Codex: The Spellwright

You've activated their card trap!

Class Codex: The Spellwright introduces an all new 20 level base class that is a prepared spellcaster focused on consumable scroll-like spells written on cards with themes drawn from popular Collectible Card Games.

Spellwrights can also draw on a personal energy pool to preserve scrolls when they cast them, keeping the spells available for later. Martially-inclined spellwrights can even use their cards as literal weapons, both flinging them from afar and slicing through their enemies up close!

So if you 'd like to be able to drop a handful of powerful magics on your enemies, keep rare resources when they'd otherwise be lost, or sling cards with lethal effect -- Class Codex: The Spellwright is a great class for you!