CLASSifieds: Skinwalking Shaman (Druid Alternate Class)

by Fat Goblin Games

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CLASSifieds: Skinwalking Shaman (Druid Alternate Class)

Most Druidic orders include in their teachings at least a basic knowledge of the wild magic that allows one to shift into animal form. It is said that this ability was taught to the first Druids by a group of benevolent lycanthropes who wanted to spread their love of the animal kingdom with others. Over time, though, the ability to "wild shape" has been reduced to only one aspect of Druidic culture.

However, an ancient order of Druids has recently been discovered, made up entirely of those who can trace their heritage directly back to lycanthropes. These Druids fully embrace their lycanthropic heritage to enhance their Druidic shaping abilities at the expense of more conventional teachings.

The Skinwalking Shaman is an alternate class based on the Druid class, and as such counts as the Druid class for most abilities and effects. This also means that a character cannot take levels in both Skinwalking Shaman and Druid.

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