CLASSifieds: The Apothecary

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



CLASSifieds: The Apothecary

The study of alchemy is as old as the first kiln, as old as the first society, for mixing volatile things together fills a primal need in humans and other races alike. Not all users of alchemical magic use bombs or mutagens, though; some focus even more on the academic study of alchemy. These apothecaries spend their time learning new and exciting ways to use alchemical magic, making discoveries that transcend the very nature of alchemy. The ability to use metamixes to expand the power and utility of their spells brings them closer to wizards than simple alchemists. Most alchemical magic affects only the drinker directly, but an apothecary can also focus on creating effects deadly to groups of nearby enemies or a single enemy far away, or even learn to harness the spell magic of her mage brethren, distilling scrolls into special potions that can be used by all.

CLASSifieds product line is devoted to bringing you new and exciting classes for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each product includes complete rules for a single class and an assortment of other rules to bring your characters to life.