Creature Card Catalogue: Canny Constructs

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Creature Card Catalogue: Canny Constructs

Constructs are among the most iconic antagonists in the realm of fantasy. Whether a golem, an animated object, or a possessed armor, the construct often incites dread due to their toughness and mechanical relentlessness. And yet, why stop at golems and animated objects? Constructs can come in many flavors and materials, like clockwork machines and strangely composite objects. Our short and focused bestiary develops the field of construct creatures for use in your campaigns. Consternate your players with Canny Constructs today!

The Creature Card Catalogue is a product line that brings you a set of 5th edition monsters printed on cardstock and ready to be hole-punched and collected in a 3-ring binder or simply used as a pdf. Each set presents a set of creatures marked by their type and keyed to colored symbols for easy reference.