Dark Oak Collector's Edition

by Raging Swan Press

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Dark Oak Collector's Edition

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible adventure for 5th-level PCs by Creighton Broadhurst and Steve Hood

Beneath the fetid roots of a noisome swamp linger the pathetic remnants of a once proud and noble tribe. Laid low by a powerful narcotic administered by their ambitious (but wildly paranoid) mistress, the lizardfolk of the Dark Oak are but a shadow of their former greatness. Now below the slumbering body of a diseased treant she plots to bring bloody slaughter to the folk of the nearby villages before her followers forget their proud heritage and sink into a lethargy from which there is no escape.

For this first time in print, this newly updated and expanded collector's edition of Dark Oak includes not only all the original material, but the village of Thornhill to serve as a base for the PCs as well as all new details of the Redfern Swamp. Linking material to tie Thornhill and the machinations of the Dark Oak are also included so a GM can quickly and easily insert this multi-session adventure into his home campaign.


"It's reminiscent of old-school dungeon crawls but with a bit more definition and purpose other than hack-and-slash and gather the treasure...Dark Oak is a great, short adventure module for Pathfinder."

-RPG Chronicle (five-stars)

"Editing is top notch...formatting also rocks. I do consider it to be a supreme example of an adventure you can just pick up and play with your group without having to prepare it in advance."

-Endzeitgesist (five-stars)

"Dark Oak is the sort of excellent scenario I've come to expect from Creighton Broadhurst. It is presented in a clear and precise way and comes complete with some outstanding art and maps. Indeed, the art and maps could be considered to be worth the price alone!"

--Dave McAlister (five-stars)

"I am planning on using this adventure in my own game, as it is short, and has a nice mix of roleplay and combat."

-Lord Snow (five stars)

For free samples head over to ragingswan.com/darkoak

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