DC Playbook Vol 25: Dealing with TPKs

by The Dungeon Coach

The Dungeon Coach



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DC Playbook Vol 25: Dealing with TPKs

This PDF is a comprehensive guide on dealing with the death of a player’s character, including advice on how to handle and avoid a TPK. With this resource, you’ll have all of the resources you need to make death feel like an engaging part of the game, rather than a sad ending or a handwaved moment.

In this PDF you get the following:

  • Dealing with Character Death: A guide on how to handle the death of a PC and avoid TPKs. This includes ideas of what monsters might do instead of killing the party, and roll tables to determine roleplay or mechanical effects that being returned to life might give to a character.
  • Revivification: This system is an in-depth guide on running engaging rituals to return a creature to life, replacing flawless resurrection magic in exchange for dramatic and satisfying moments at the table.
  • Resurrection Mini-Adventures: This section gives 3 adventures you can run when a character dies, to make resurrecting a character into an awesome campaign arc. Delve into an ancient tomb to find a fountain of life, reclaim the lost soul from a god, or help a priest enact a resurrection ritual utilizing a cursed soul.
  • 9 Bonus Level Up Perks: Character upgrades to be given to a character when they’re restored to life.

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