Death Slaves of Eternity


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Death Slaves of Eternity

Death-Slaves of Eternity


It is said even the boldest of heroes cower when madness sits the throne, and in the perilous and lurid city-sate of Hazruun the Vile - its sultan is indeed mad. For when the body of his only son and heir is found purple and lifeless, strangled in a back alley drinking den - it is decreed all must pay for the crime.

Condemned for a murder you did not commit; entombed alive with the corpse of a slain prince; you are trapped in a world of blackness, with no days, no nights, no seasons, only endless existence and the maddening sound of your own screams.

But there are worse things to fear in the tomb than the dead. For deep below in the forlorn and time-forgotten halls, shadows stir, ancients speak, and things have learned to walk that ought to crawl – and lost to the ravages of dread antiquity lurks a being who’s only thought, since the beginning of time, is its ravenous desire – to feed!

Are you able to plumb the hidden mysteries of the grave, unlock its dreaded secrets and abominable lore? Do you possess the strength and courage to battle your way back into the light? Or are you doomed to spend the remainder of your pitiful lives as death-slaves of eternity…