Deus ex Historica: Indrik


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Deus ex Historica: Indrik

Ripped from the pages of Deus ex Historica.

Indrik is a powerhouse for the heroes to fight, with a couple of neat tricks to keep them on their toes. High Strength and Toughness make him able to stand up for a while in a fight, and his ranged attack and powerful physical blows can be quite fearsome if they land. He's a Communist foe who makes a great bodyguard/thug, and his background makes it easy for other masterminds to recruit him for muscle.

This release contains details a silver age villain PL 12.

This is the 23th in a series of releases that will make up the final Deus ex Historica. The entire series can be picked up as part of an affordable subscription or by individual parts.

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