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Deus ex Historica: Midnight and Mist


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Deus ex Historica: Midnight and Mist

Ripped from the pages of Deus ex Historica.

Midnight and Mist are talented super-normals who can compete with the "big dogs' using brains, combat savvy and cutting edge gear. They're thinkers and plotters, though they can improvise with the best of them if needed. They make an interesting change of pace from standard criminals, masked or not, because Midnight (especially) and Mist (not so much) believe they're doing something good, and are relatively harmless in the big picture.

This release contains details a golden age villain team PL 10 and 6.

This is the thirteenth in a series of releases that will make up the final Deus ex Historica. The entire series can be picked up as part of an affordable subscription or by individual parts.

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