Drow of Porphyra: The Strivog - The Bone Drow


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Drow of Porphyra: The Strivog - The Bone Drow

Drow of Porphyra: The Strivog - The Bone Drow

“All drow are alike, and the only good drow is a dead one.”

Assume all drow are the same at your peril - especially in Porphyra! On the Patchwork Planet, dark elves were summoned from disparate and distant worlds, with entirely different origins, masters, and plans. Scattered across the Underdeep, the drow have thrived below and made secret forays into the lands above. They are ready to become tempting dreams and lurking nightmares anywhere, in any campaign that wants something more from drow than what you’ve seen before.

Each chapter in the drow of Porphyra focuses on one of the tribes, providing all of the following:

  • A brief history of the tribe on their home world and in recent nights
  • The hierarchies and divisions of their society, from nobles to guilds and beyond
  • Laws and punishments particular to the culture
  • Religious expectations, whether they follow one god or many or none
  • Goals for characters within their families, groups, cities, and nations
  • Notable cities and plot hooks for interacting with the tribe, from within or without
  • Methods common to their kind, whether they rely on raids or seduction or other guises
  • Racial and faction traits to help customize your characters from the base on up
  • Alternate systems and mechanics necessary for the tribe (and for evil or other campaigns)
  • Feats and equipment that are useful to have at hand
  • Details for creating player characters, allies, antagonists, and others with new depths

You never know what the next chapter will reveal, but together, the drow of Porphyra cover a powerful range of roleplaying experiences. Add one or all of them to your game now!


This volume follows the tale of the Strivog, who fled a dying world only to emerge on Porphyra infused with death in a whole new way. Having claimed magically glowing ice caverns in a remote corner of the Underdeep, they continue to build their empire with the corpses of their enemies and any other bodies they can claim. They take slaves, but also attract zealous vassals who serve until their last breaths of their own free will. They torture and torment, but maintain a cold distance and a brutal, simple efficiency. They destroy lives, but are dedicated to building objects that will outlast them. Because for the bone brow, death is the truth and the only reality worth preparing for.

Highlights of this chapter include:

  • A unique system for character options and advancement
  • Changes to Craft, Profession, and Perform categories
  • Rules for building items that are imbued with the strengths of fallen foes
  • A selection of Necromancy spells that showcase how the Strivog operate