Encounter Pages II


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Encounter Pages II

Encounter Pages II contains twenty-two short scenarios of mostly low or mid-level encounters ranging from levels 1-15 that can be used as side-treks for PCs who need a little extra experience, to liven-up the downtime between major adventures or when the GM just needs something on the fly. Though written as stand-alone items, there are also suggestions for incorporating the encounters into a larger game in in your word or the world of Porphyra.

  • Cuisse De Grenouille, C'est Bon! (CR 1)
  • The Wrong Kind of Toys (CR 1)
  • Parade of the Conquered (CR 2)
  • Holders of the Hall (CR 3)
  • I Told You To Clean Your Room! (CR 3)
  • The Sound of Dinner (CR 3)
  • Keeper of the Portal (CR 5)
  • 'Lady' in the Water (CR 5)
  • 'Light' Eggs Aren't Good for You (CR 5)
  • No One Can Hear You Scream (CR 5)
  • Master of the Maze (CR 5+)
  • The Chamber of Time (CR 6)
  • The Sinister Showman (CR 6)
  • Two Heads Aren't Better than One (CR 6)
  • A Memory of Water (CR 7)
  • Are Those Real? (CR 7)
  • Sandemon Pass (CR 7)
  • He's Come Home (CR 8)
  • Arena of Arrogance (CR 9)
  • Legacy of Death (CR 12)
  • And the Red Hand Held Sway (CR 15)
  • Summit of the Sea (CR Varies)

This product features creatures from Tricky Owlbear's Forgotten Foes. You do not need Forgotten Foes to use this product.

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