Enemies of NeoExodus: Crimson Hand

by Louis Porter Jr. Design

Louis Porter Jr. Design



Enemies of NeoExodus: Crimson Hand

The First Ones were once the sole masters of the world of Exodus. They ruled with undisputed power, enslaving or dominating all other races and nations beneath their sorcerous grip. Although their civilization has fallen, there are those who still desire to see these dark, ancient beings rise once more. The Crimson Hand is one of the final few bastions of First One power, a secret organization with its tendrils tightly wound around much of the worlds nobility. It is a long game they play, but one which they believe can only end with their eventual triumph, and the re-establishment of a new era of First One tyranny.

This sourcebook includes:

  • History of the Crimson Hand
  • The Crimson Hand Operation and Motives
  • Structure, Political and Intrigue Hooks of the Crimson Hand
  • Leadership of the Crimson Hand: Valos - leader of the group. Most powerful wizard (CR 10 & CR 20)
  • Lucia - Valoss apprentice and second in command (CR 9 & CR 17)
  • Geist Valoss chief spy and an active tactician ( CR 7 & CR 14)
  • Enforcers of the Crimson Hand: Ashtalon - The most powerful enforcer. Called to kill the most dangerous foes, usually when the situation has already gone out of containment (CR 9 & CR 16)
  • Sithuras Enforcer tasked with property destruction, demolitions and the occasional murder (CR 9 & CR 16)
  • Rigel Master saboteur (CR 8 & CR 16)
  • First-Of-Many Scout and subtle assassin (CR 8 & CR 14)
  • Taskal Messenger (CR 7 & CR 14)
  • Two new Prestige Classes: Crimson Hand Acolytes and Crimson Hand Enforcer.
  • Four all new Crimson Hand Feats
  • Seven all new Crimson Hand Spells
  • Initiative cards
  • Monster cards