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Fat Goblin Games Presents - Creating New Armors

Fat Goblin Games Presents... Creating New Armors!

For all the many armors, shields, and other defenses available in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, every possible one hasn’t been fully covered.

While you can just rename many existing defenses in a pinch to align with some new idea or specific cultural item, often times it is preferable to mix and match armor abilities and features into something new. But, how much would it cost? Would that make it light, medium, or heavy armor? What should it weigh? And can you be sure it won’t break your game? Creating New Armor provides guidelines for you to build, balance, and price new mundane shields and suits of light, medium, and heavy armor for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Written by Garrett Guillotte, the creative mind behind the best-selling Call to Arms: Fantastic Technology and other great technical products, this book delves into how to create mundane armor with the same level of detail that went into rules for creating mundane weapons. Each type of armor is covered with exacting detail that you come to expect by a book authored by Garrett. Check it out today!

Extensively bookmarked for your convenience, Creating New Armors is an excellent way to bring new options to your table for all types of classes.