Fat Goblin Travelers Guide to Epiphany's Wayside Inn


Brand: Fat Goblin Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Fat Goblin Travel Guide To Epiphany's Wayside Inn

Welcome to Epiphany’s Wayside Inn! A seemingly innocent tavern of misfortune and mischief that preys upon the occasional traveler. Nearly always found amidst a deluge of poor weather or nestled along paths where roads are long and adventurers are desperately weary, this restless piece of architecture is the perfect mini-adventure to break the monotony of long treks.

Our Fat Goblin Travel Guide is designed for adventurer’s level 7-10 and details everything you need to drop this wandering nuisance into your ongoing campaign for a side trek or even an ongoing adventure!

Use it as a side trek in a larger adventure.

Tie it into a larger location in your campaign world.

Characters missed a specific item that they really need, it now rests in the Wayside Inn.

Introduce new NPCs, creatures, and hazards to your players.

Check out Epiphany's Wayside Inn today!