Feats of Gluttony

by Fat Goblin Games

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Feats of Gluttony

Feats of Gluttony

Abandoned Arts presents: Feats of Gluttony!

The More Feats! PDFs introduce a single page of themed feats for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Every PDF contains a 2.5 pages of high quality content (no fluff or filler)!

This installment of the More Feats! Product line introduces a new kind of feat: the sin feat. Sin feats are designed to represent a character’s vices and moral failings, though they are by no means restricted to evil or non-good characters. Though a few sin feats are supernatural in nature, and some even grant bonuses of the profane type, characters of any faith or alignment may wrestle with sinful vices – grappling with and overcoming such a moral complication often serves to highlight a character’s heroism.

Feats of Gluttony includes twelve new feats for gluttonous sinners: Blood Appetite, Bulky, Consummate Consumer, Gluttonous Spell, Heart-Eater, Pull Apart, Rancorous Rumbles, Rumbling Gut, Sickening Belch, Spell Cannibalization, Swallow Whole, and Voracious Gluttony!