The Freebooters Guide to the Razor Coast (PFRPG)

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Tags: campaign setting fantasy Four Horsemen Pathfinder 1st Edition pirates

The Freebooters Guide to the Razor Coast (PFRPG)

Note: There are two options available, PFRPG (Pathfinder) and S&W (Swords & Wizardry.) Be sure to choose the rules format you prefer.

This players guide is 64 pages, with ~54 pages dedicated to new player options, ~7 pages of adventure opportunities throughout the greater Razor Coast, and ~12 pages of information expanding Port Shaw (plus a traveler's guide to Port Shaw and Kai Bay), the players' home base, with 10 new establishments to visit, 6 new languages, and 7 new organizations to join or oppose.

The Pathfinder version of this book includes:

  • 2 new playable races
  • 10 all new character Archetypes
  • A new divine domain
  • An all new Prestige Class
  • 18 new Feats
  • 12 new Traits
  • Tons of New Equipment
  • Lots of New Spells
  • 13 New Magic Items
  • 16 Magical Tattoos
  • New rules for close-quarters standoffs with flintlock pistols or crossbows
  • 6 Pre-generated characters using the new options presented here!
  • If all of the above isn't enough, this book also includes a complete section on ships.