FT 2 - The Portsmouth Mermaid


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FT 2 - The Portsmouth Mermaid

If H. P. Lovecraft didn't have Hans Christian Andersen's depiction of the Sea Witch's dwelling (from The Little Mermaid) in mind when he penned Dagon, he should have.

The Portsmouth Mermaid takes place over the twelve days of a Yuletide Celebration in the town of Portsmouth, north of Westlake. The adventure is largely political, with several factions, all of which have a different optimal outcome. The PCs have to figure out what is going on, decide what to do about it, and then live with the consequences.

A Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure for 4-8 level 2 characters by Daniel J. Bishop.

  • Written by Daniel J. Bishop
  • Cover Design by Matt Morrow
  • Cartography by Kristian Richards
  • Editing by Perry Fehr
  • Interior Art by Luigi Castellani
  • Layout by Mark Gedak