Glades of Death (d20)


Frog God Games

Format: PDF

Glades of Death (d20)

A Druid's Revenge
Can your PCs make it through the forest on the way to their final destination? Will they be ensnarled in the mystery of dreaded ghoul wolves, or become entangled in a battle between druids and insects that is slowly destroying a small logging village in their way? Are your PCs strong enough to enter the Canyons of Arcuri? Perhaps, they are even bold enough to enter the private, forested demiplane of the mad druid Niavark.

Read the Leaves
Make PCs fear the forest! Glades of Death™ contains new spells, new feats, and a new look at skills and how to use them in the wilderness. Guidelines for the rapid creation of new fantasy forests are also provided along with new monsters and four generic forest-based adventures designed to help bring a campaign out of the dungeon and into the wilderness.

Adventure and Supplement
This is an adventure book and wilderness supplement for DMs and Players.

  • New feats and skill definitions to help make forests come alive.
  • New spells to highlight special forest restrictions and abilities.
  • New monsters and helpful forest creation guidelines for faster forest design and creation.
  • Glades of Death™provides a new perspective on wilderness adventuring while providing guidelines for forest creation.
  • New adventures are provided demonstrating use of some of the new feats, skills, magic spells, and monsters described in the book.
  • Suggests ways to make running wilderness adventures easier while providing tables to make rapid encounter and adventure.