GM’s Miscellany: Alternate Dungeons

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



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GM’s Miscellany: Alternate Dungeons

A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM’s Resource by Alexander Augunas, Nicholas Wasko, Mike Welham and Daron Woodson

Not all dungeons feature the traditional setup of a monster-filled subterranean network of rooms and passages. Druidic groves, haunted houses, rank sewers and more can all serve as an exciting backdrop to the PCs’ adventures. Such locations present their own set of unique design challenges, though, for the time-crunched GM plotting the next adventure.

This book collects all eight instalments of the Alternate Dungeons line. Each alternate dungeon site benefits from loads of great details, hints and tips for a GM designing an adventure set in that location. Designed to save a GM’s time while adding flavoursome details to bring the locale alive in the players’ minds, GM’s Miscellany: Alternate Dungeons is an essential tool in any GM’s arsenal.

GM’s Miscellany: Alternate Dungeons comprises the following instalments in the line:

  • Alternate Dungeons: Abandoned Temple
  • Alternate Dungeons: Abandoned Village
  • Alternate Dungeons: Alchemist’s Laboratory
  • Alternate Dungeons: Frigid Ice Cave
  • Alternate Dungeons: Haunted House
  • Alternate Dungeons: Infested Sewers
  • Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Groves
  • Alternate Dungeons: Mystic Ruins

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