GM's Aid 1: Party Tracking Sheet


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

GM's Aid 1: Party Tracking Sheet

In GM's Aid I: Party Tracking Sheets, you get five sheets to help make your job as GM easier. Sheet 1 is a Party Tracking Sheet, which lets you keep track of basic party information.

Sheet 2 is an Adventure Record Sheet. On this sheet you can keep track of each adventure - whether one of your own devising or a game module you purchased - and how many game sessions it takes to complete the adventure.

On Sheet 3 - the Adventure Session Sheet - you can record specific information about each game session you run. Specifically this sheet is designed to allow you to record major and minor events that transpired during the game as well as note exactly where the party was when the session ended, down to recording the specifics of each character's location and what spells are still in effect, if any.

Sheet 4 is an Adventure Log where you can record the name of each adventure the party goes on, the in-game start and end date for the adventure, and the location the party is in at the end of the adventure.

Sheet 5 - the Initiative Tracking Sheet - is the one sheet you'll probably use most often. A grid separated into 30 rows for PC/NPC/monster names and 15 columns for marking rounds helps you keep track of initiative for the largest of parties and longest of combats.