GM's Aid 9: Monster Knowledge Cards 2


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

GM's Aid 9: Monster Knowledge Cards 2

GM's Aid IX: Monster Knowledge Cards II, your job as GM just got easier! This latest version of the Monster Knowledge Cards product has been designed for compatibility with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Paizo Publishing, LLC.

There is a card for all of the Bestiary II monsters from Achaierai to Juju Zombie, and each includes a number of facts about that particular creature, and any variant types of that creature. Each fact is tied to an increasingly higher Knowledge check DC. When the players characters are faced with a creature, whip out the appropriate card, have the players make rolls, and tell them what they know.

This set of cards is currently only available as download. They are formatted for use in a digital manner and the card production process, they are not formatted for printing at home.