GM's Options: NPCs 2 - Druids, Fighters, and Monks


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Format: PDF

GM's Options: NPCs 2 - Druids, Fighters, and Monks

Welcome to the second product in our new GM's Options line. This entry, GM's Options: NPCs 2 - Druids, Fighters, and Monks, presents the GM with two barbarians, two bards, and two clerics ready to use in their games. Each character is also presented at three different levels - 1st, 5th, and 10th - giving eighteen different choices for NPCs!

These NPCs can be used in a variety of ways - as villains, foes, or foils, as allies, or even as pregenerated PCs for one shot games or new players. For GMs using them solely as NPCs, we've included suggested boons for each entry - the 1st level version has one boon, the 5th level has two, and the 10th level version has three. A single PC can never benefit from more than one boon provided by a single NPC, though.

The NPCs each also have two traits, discussed in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player's Guide. If you do not wish to utilize the traits, simply remove them and any bonuses they provide. In addition, under languages, each NPC is listed as knowing a "local/regional" or "tribal" language. This is a bonus language to reflect any regional or tribal languages in the game other than common, and can be ignored if preferred.

  • Connaghyn Half-Hand (Male human druid)
  • Corra Greenthumb (Female halfling urban druid)
  • Shardan Silverblade (Male half-elf mobile fighter)
  • Dotha Hearthstone (Female dwarf unbreakable fighter)
  • Brother Nadir (Male half-elf martial artist monk)
  • Kokachin (Female halfling ki mystic monk)