Gostor: While on the road

by First Ones Entertainment

First Ones Entertainment



Tags: Any System Fantasy GM Tools

Gostor: While on the road

Gostor is a Grumpy Old Schooler's Take On Rules. A series of product aimed at providing, simple yet robust rule additions to expand the game

Gostor:While on the Road... provides a light framework for creating exciting and interesting overland trips in role-playing games. The book is full of GM Tips on how to accomplish and succeed at running these exciting voyages. It includes a checklist allowing you to keep simple, quick and clean notes so you can refer to it later.

Short on time? Missing players for an important part of the game? Lacking Preparation? Your Players decide to follow up on a random lead you haven't prepared? This book is for you!

This supplement is completely system agnostic and can be used with any game system.