Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh


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Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh

Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh

Drums on the Sea of Grass- best get out your shootin’ irons…

The Sea of Grass dominates the Hinterlands of Kesh, a wild frontier land where the scattered humans and polkan face off against the once-savage half-cyclops and the ambitious Landed hobgoblins of Valshol! Once part of a proud, kingdom, the intrepid settlers in their beleaguered towns are advised by the mysterious, immortal elan. Unusual among the Lands of Porphyra, the inhabitants of the Hinterlands make their stand with gunsmoke and steel, for firearms are the weapons of choice in the Hinterlands! Can your adventurers turn back the hobgoblin horde and save the frontier-folk of Kesh?

Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh from Purple Duck Games is a regional campaign supplement for the Lands of Porphyra campaign setting. In this intriguing land of adventure, survival is the first order of business, and prosperity is hard-won! Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh includes:

New takes on interesting races, the immortal mystic elans, the mysterious and savage half-cyclops, ambitious hobgoblins and their encroaching tribes, gun-totin’ human settlers, and the herd-travelling polkan.

A full color map of the Hinterlands of Kesh and detailed descriptions of the government there, along with stat blocks of the major communities.

Nearly 20 important personages of the land, to make your roleplaying experience there even more realistic.

New character options such as the mystic black powder disciple and their many Ways of the Gun; the dangerous black glass witches that lead the hobgoblin tribes; psionic nomadic guns of the elan, and the half-cyclops guarded augur, who sees what is to come.

Over 20 new feats developed in the Hinterlands.

Over 20 new magic items in the possession of the people of Kesh.

Detailed equipment charts to make play convenient.

And more!

So get Heroes of the Hinterlands of Kesh today, from the scrupulous shootists at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want, pardner!