Heroes of the Siwathi Desert


Purple Duck Games

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Heroes of the Siwathi Desert

Come to the Deserts of Siwath

Play as anpur, gnolls, zendiqi and a myriad of elemental-kin

Visit the mysterious City of Tombs, and explore the markets of the Tent City of the Grand Wazir

Study martial arts under a five spirits master (PRC), learn to bind genies (summoner), walk upon the guardian's path (psychic warrior), enter into the zendiqi traditions of mahdi or muhartik slayer, or become a pack lord of the savage gnolls in the desert.

Select from over a dozen new feats including fightning style extension feats.

Many treasures and secret lies hidden in the sands of the the siwath

The second book that begins to explore the Lands of Porphyra in depth.