Hunter: The Vigil - Witch Finders

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Hunter: The Vigil - Witch Finders

Suffer Not the Witch To Live

With words of power and forbidden wisdom, they unlock the doors of reality. But when those doors are unlocked, anything is free to slip through. Too often, these sorcerers call up what they cannot put down. Against the devastation of unleashed horrors and unchained magic, one must be vigilant.

A Character Book for Hunter: The Vigil

• A long look into the history of the struggle between hunters and witches, laden with story hooks.
• Three new compacts and one new conspiracy: the liar-brotherhood of the Knights of Saint George who perform rites from their Goetic Gospels
• Several new advantages for hunters when in battle with mages, including new Tactics and Endowments
• A look at Philadelphia from the perspective of the war between hunter and sorcerer.