Hybrid Class: Armjack


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Hybrid Class: Armjack

Hybrid Class: Armjack

Oh, will you sing me a tale of an armjack so brave…

A charismatic fighter who sings ballads of his own prowess? A leader of rogues and versatile man-at-arms that inspires his allies to bravery and deeds of bravado? Look no further, for you have found the skilled and personable hybrid class of the Armjack, in Purple Duck Games’ Hybrid Class: The Armjack! A combination of bard and fighter, the armjack combines both classes with flair and playability, a player character with lots to do!

Some of the highlights of the armjack:

  • Bardic knowledge to solve mysteries and know “just what to do”
  • A “Cry to Arms” to inspire her allies to deeds of wonder and story!
  • Judder strikes using the power of sound with your weapons!
  • Clamorous combat for versatility in a fight-
  • Training in arms and armor for battle in any situation!
  • Rouse the rabble, compose your own anthem and finally become a Master of All Weapons!

Hybrid Class: The Armjack contains more, with favored class bonuses for all races, including those in the Lands of Porphyra campaign setting; two archetypes, the Glory Hound and the Revolutionary; more than a dozen innovative new feats for armjacks and others; and an exciting sample character set in Porphyra!

So get your copy of Hybrid Class: The Armjack today from the swashbuckling sycophants of Purple Duck Games, for, as everyone knows, our games are what you want!