Hybrid Class: Luminary


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Hybrid Class: Luminary

Hybrid Class: Luminary

“This picture will make you famous… trust me, I’m a luminary!”

The noble and profound deeds of adventurers are well-recounted in story and oral re-telling, but how much more exciting would they be visually, in color? Hybrid Class: Luminary, from Purple Duck Games brings occult photography to fantasy roleplaying games, combining the visual powers of the occult mesmerist with the mechanical and elemental trickery of the alchemist base class. Luminaries blast enemies that get in the way of their shots with the power of light, and use their photography to create effects that help their allies and confound their foes. Psychic spells and alchemical photographic manipulations combine in a fun new class! Hybrid Class: Luminary contains:

  • A full 20-level hybrid class, the Luminary
  • Mundane photography and how it interacts with fantasy
  • Luminaries in PDG’s campaign world, Porphyra
  • New feats for the luminary class
  • Favored class bonuses for core and Porphyran races
  • A 10th level luminary NPC, ready for play

So, make a flash and go out and get Hybrid Class: Luminary today, from the photogenic phelons at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!