Kineticist Codex


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Kineticist Codex

Kineticist Codex

Living conduits of power, seeking a purpose or a target…

Want to blast your enemies, but hours of character building got you down?

Open the pages of N. Jolly’s new Kineticist Codex from Purple Duck Games to find a gallery of characters with the power to manipulate air, earth, fire, water, and the aether that surrounds it all. These diverse kineticists, whose new, exciting class comes from the new class book Occult Adventures, are arranged from levels one through twenty, with statistic blocks, gear, and backgrounds from Purple Duck’s new Lands of Porphyra Campaign Setting.

You’ll be on the road to domination of aether, air, earth fire and water with the amazing adventurers from the Kineticist Codex, new from the elemental experts at Purple Duck Games!

Details: Level 1 - Level 20 kineticists