Knockspell Issue #3

by Frog God Games

Frog God Games



Knockspell Issue #3

Issue #3 of Knockspell, the magazine of retro-clone and old-school fantasy gaming!

Table of Contents

  • Editors Note Matt Finch
  • Outnumbered but Tough: Musings of a Girl Gamer
  • From Kuroths Quill #3
  • Pulp Heroes and the Colors of Magic
  • Chariot Racing
  • Blame it on the Players
  • When Ink Hits the Paper
  • Swords & Wizardry: Silver ENnie Award Winner
  • Black Armor, Black Heart: Anti-Paladin
  • The Font of Glee
  • The City of Vultures
  • Random Wilderness Events
  • Random Ruin Generator
  • Labyrinth Tomb of the Minotaur Lord
  • The Planes: Playgrounds of the Rich and Powerful
  • New Tricks and Traps
  • New Magic Items
  • Beginners Bestiary
  • New Monsters
  • The Tower of Mouths