Knockspell Issue #4


Frog God Games

Format: PDF

Knockspell Issue #4

Issue #4 of Knockspell, the magazine of retro-clone and old-school fantasy gaming!

Table of Contents

  • Editors Note
  • From Kuroths Quill #4
  • Beneath the Crossroads
  • Artist Interview!: Christopher Burdett
  • Megadungeon Adventuring Tactics
  • Isles on an Emerald Sea 3: An Adventure by Gabor Lux
  • Random Tavern Generator
  • Artifact Type & Attributes
  • Spell Interval System
  • Online Roleplaying: A Quick Overview
  • Rats in the Walls: an Adventure
  • Stealing the Histories
  • Free-Form Rules as a Referees Toolbox
  • Rolling Along: Wheeled Magic Items
  • Weird Weather and other Unexplainable Phenomena
  • Review: The Dungeon Alphabet
  • Weapon Generator
  • New Magic Items
  • About the Authors
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