Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic


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Format: PDF

Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic

A medium is willingly possessed by a raging ghost to lure it into a magical trap. An occultist bribes a satyr lord into granting him mastery over stormy skies and hardened hearts. A queen makes bloody sacrifices to fiendish masters for perpetual life. All use covenant magic.

Legendary Classes: Covenant Magic from David Nicholas Ross introduces covenants, secretive bargains allowing characters of any class to draw on the supernatural gifts of spirits such as fey, outsiders, and undead. This book also introduces mediums, true masters of covenant magic who can contact spirits, call on a spirit guide for supernatural attacks, empower allies and hinder foes with spell-like abilities, and enter a trance that unlocks covenants without a price and enhances their toughness and magical might.

This book contains the following:

  • The medium base class, specializing in one of 11 influences such as Angelic Choirs, Restless Souls, or the Unseelie Court.
  • Favored class options for mediums of nearly any race.
  • Covenant magic rules, including five new feats for characters of any class.
  • 60 covenants.
  • Optional rules for alternative covenant offerings, such as years of life.
Clarification from the Author:

Seance has two modes that use the same per-day limit, HD limit, saving throw DC, and action, but are otherwise completely different. The mode available immediately emulates magic jar, except that it works like a calling effect and specifies that it transports the soul alone and not the body. The ability says what happens to the body--it disappears briefly, while the seance transports only the soul into the medium's body. (This is all detailed in the first paragraph of the ability rules.) The mode available later has all the same rules as lesser planar ally except for the use limit, HD limit, saving throw DC, and action. Thereafter it works like either magic jar or lesser planar ally, at the medium's preference. I agree I should have been a little clearer about what it means for magic jar to be similar to a calling effect, but I simply mean that it can grab souls from across the planes just like calling effects do.


"This is worth every cent thrice. At least. This is the new gold-standard for class-design against which all other classes will be judged. My final verdict would be 6 stars, if I only could ' hence, 5 stars + seal of approval and a high chance that this will feature on my Top Ten of 2013-list. - Endzeitgeist via http://endzeitgeist.com/ezg-reviews-legendary-classes-covenant-magic/