Legendary Classes: Eternal Mage


Brand: Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Legendary Classes: Eternal Mage

With the arcane power of Eternity, nothing can stand in your way!

New from Purple Duck Games, the amazing arcane spellcaster class of the eternal mage in Legendary Classes: Eternal Mage by N. Jolly! Eternal mages are not limited by memorizing spells, like wizards, or “spells per day” like other spontaneous classes- if they can manage the strain on their own arcane wellspring of power, there is no limit to the manifestations of power they can produce! Legendary Classes: Eternal Mage includes full class description for a 20-level class, many “eternal secrets” for customizing the powers for your eternal mage, 3 archetypes to choose from such as artillery expert, dread eternal and master specialist, a prepared 1st level sample character, and favored class bonuses from all of the races promoted by the Lands of Porphyra campaign setting!

Check out Legendary Classes: Eternal Mage from the immortal idiots at Purple Duck Games, where our games are what you want!