Legendary Races: Cyclops


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Legendary Races: Cyclops

Cyclops are a degenerate race who have fallen from grace. Cursed with insight into their impending demise many cyclops are driven to take care of only their basest of needs. Still others strive for more. Within this tome you will find:

  • Background on the physiology and society of the cyclops.
  • A new exotic ranged weapon, the six-bladed throwing gieve.
  • A six level racial class for playing cyclops.
  • Information on the half-cyclops race including racial traits, alternate racial traits and favored class bonuses.
  • A legendary axe belonging to the cyclops champion, Borbyros.
  • A half-dozen feats for cyclops and half-cyclops characters.
  • A new oracle mystery of foresight.
  • A sample NPC half-cyclops oracle.
  • Two templates for cyclops and other creatures called the man-eater and the god-scorned.
  • And finally a CR 16 - Cthonic Cyclops to torment and vex your party.