Legendary Races: Harpy


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Legendary Races: Harpy

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Legendary Races: Harpy is the fourth volume in the Legendary Race series. Focusing on monstrous harpy. Their names have come to be synonymous with wanton destruction, filth, and greed. What the harpy cannot hoard, they destroy. What they can hoard, they sully. Are there any monsters less lovely and less loved than the harpy?

Josh provides players and gamemasters alike with material to expand their Pathfinder game with harpy-themed content like:

  • A 5-level racial class for civilized harpies
  • Class options for harpy alchemists, barbarians, bards, druids, fighters, monks, oracles, rangers, rogues, sorcerers, summoners, witches and wizards.
  • The half-harpy (harpidite) player race with race traits, alternate racial characteristics, favored class options and feats.
  • Information on the Cult of Pazuzu for use in your home campaign or in the Patchwork world of Porphyra include a Pazuzu subdomain and cult related feats
  • Two racial archetypes (summoner and antipaladin)
  • Three magic items, harpy equipment and 3PP spells
  • And a bestiary of new harpies and harpy rules to vex, destroy and dismember your player's characters with.

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