Legendary VIII: Legendary Evil


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Legendary VIII: Legendary Evil

We have all heard tales of the diabolical young villain who finds a magical weapon from times long forgotten. That villain grows in power and infamy alongside the magical weapon until they both reach their true potential.

Within this product you will find 24 legendary weapons that will grow in power alongside your evil Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character.

The legendary weapon include the following weapon groups:

  • Axes (axe of minos)
  • Blades, Heavy (infinity's edge, linnorm blade)
  • Blades, Light (black spider, dogfryer, grim cutlass, infernal device, liar's tongue)
  • Bows (bow of swarms)
  • Close (saurian armor spikes)
  • Firearms (hell's eye)
  • Flails (adderwhip, cranial flail, ghost-fire, grasping electrum, manticora)
  • Hammers (brothar hammer, slime mace, stonefist)
  • Monk (quarterstaff)
  • Polearms (griffon claw)
  • Spears (heartseeker, leaden spear)
  • Thrown (black spider, fungal bola)

The time for disposable magic items is over. These items would be a great addition to an evil character-focused adventure path or in the hands of your player's BBEG.

The legendary treasures series does not use the legendary weapons rules from the Mythic Adventures book by Paizo Publishing. Instead we continue to use our own legendary treasures rules introduced on the Grand OGL Wiki and supported through our releases and the releases of other publishers who have adopted it as their leveling up magic item system.

  • Author: Sam Hing, author of Creepy Creatures Bestiary, lead monster designer for The Cerulean Seas Campaign setting from Alluria Publishing; Mythic Menageries Kingdom of Graves and Demonic Harlots from Super Genius Games, and Monstrous Races: the Third Party by Purple Duck Games
  • Additional Text: Perry Fehr
  • Artist: Tamas Baranya

Sample: "Infernal Device"

The Infernal Device was unearthed in the vast ruin that is known as Falden Town- usually nicknamed "Fall-Down Town" , in the north of The Bulwark of the Halfling Nations. Various tribes of kobolds and goblins fought over it, as it played its part in the shifting power struggles in the otherworldly ruins. An adventuring party of intrepid halfling treasure-hunters brought the Device to the light of civilized eyes, prying the nightmarish gadget from a kobold shamans dead claws. Though only three adventurers made it out alive, and two of them met with mysterious accidents in the weeks that followed, the now-famous, Four Fingers ? Lenous Longtooth, alchemist "troubleshooter" extraordinaire is its owner and expert on its nature. He casually comments on its likely manufacture in the pits of Abbadon, and merrily chuckles as he describes its daemonic properties- but not the purposes and experiments to which the Infernal Device has been put toward.


To unlock the full potential of the infernal device, a character must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Feats: Deft Hands
  • Skills: Disable Device 4 ranks
  • Language: Infernal