Lore Keeper D&D 5e Campaign Planner for Notion

by Minva Tabletop Design Co

Minva Tabletop Design Co

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Lore Keeper D&D 5e Campaign Planner for Notion

In the Lore Keeper 5e Notion Template, you'll find everything you need to start your own TTRPG adventures quickly and methodically. Stay organized using our pre-built templates in our databases for adventures, treasure, locations, and much more. The Lore Keeper is the digital binder you wish you had years ago! Use this template with a FREE account from Notion and supercharge your game.

  • Create your own custom adventures with a few clicks.
  • Never worry about where to start, as our Notion system has all the templates you need.
  • Get complete support for SRD 5e rules, and enjoy random table generators for any adventure game.
  • Databases for Adventures, Locations, Treasures, NPCs/Monsters, Character Profiles, and more are all interconnected with Notion Relation fields
  • World-building tools for setting, creating your first town, secrets, and more!

With Notion, you can also easily invite your players to collaborate on the player character database or session zero guide before you play. Included on your dashboard are quick access links to each database, tips, and tricks on how to use Notion and our templates, and links to D&D resources and guides.