Masters & Minions: Cult of the Mirrored King


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PDF / Pathfinder

Masters & Minions: Cult of the Mirrored King

Welcome to Masters & Minions, a product designed to provide you with a band of close-knit NPCs that act in concert to provide a new organization complete with leaders, chief henchmen, and minions oozing with character to add to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Games. These have been designed to provide antagonists or rivals for your heroes, though some may act as allies or support for, particularly unorthodox groups.

Unlike a simple thieves’ guild or tribe of orcs, these groups draw much more heavily on influences from comic books and action movies, featuring over-the-top characters and outrageous environments. Each book contains everything you need to add a colorful rogue’s gallery of villains to your game, including their stat blocks, a map of their lair, and plot hooks. Any trademark items, uniforms, calling cards, techniques, and styles will be laid out in detail. It is designed to make sure that you can easily and seamlessly include the new organization in your games, regardless of what setting you use.

This volume features the Cult of the Mirrored King, a group of drug dealers and cultists, selling the drug Unachieved Dreams, which puts you under and makes you dream of your innermost desires. Whether that dream is becoming a king or having a harem, this drug will help you, while they, at the same time are preparing your soul for sacrifice to the Mirrored King himself.

This volume contains all the background and statistics that you need to add the Cult of the Mirrored King to your campaign today.