Monster Advancement: Enhanced Aberrations


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Monster Advancement: Enhanced Aberrations

Monster Advancement: Enhanced Aberrations

From the Pen of Julian Neale

When I think of aberrations, I think of weird, unnatural monsters, which are sometimes horrors from outer space. They make for great encounters, and can be really creepy. There are few good-aligned aberrations (azruverda, flumph, and guardian naga); the rest being neutral or nasty, but not all want to destroy souls or extract brains for unspeakable purposes…

As with Enhanced Undead, this book aims to give aberrations a boost to make encounters more memorable and (hopefully) challenging. As a side note, it’s important to realise that the descriptive elements (“fluff”) of the creatures in the Bestiaries can be changed if you want to use particular aberrations in a different way.

The book presents the enhanced aberration template, and follows with a brief discussion on applying it. Finally, several stat blocks are provided with notes to demonstrate how the stat blocks match the CR.