Monster Advancement: Enhanced Undead


Purple Duck Games

PDF / Pathfinder

Monster Advancement: Enhanced Undead

From the Pen of Julian Neale

With this project I wanted to develop a template for skeletal champions and zombie lords that would enable them to have very different special qualities from skeletons and zombies, but thought that calling it “Enhanced Skeletal Champions and Zombie Lords” might have been a bit niche. The concept of the template is broad enough to apply to other undead creatures, hence the title “Enhanced Undead”. The aim of this book is still to provide a bit of glory for skeletal champions, to help restore them to their iconic status of yesteryear, while allowing GMs to create an endless variety of undead foes.

The book presents:

  • The enhanced undead creature template
  • A brief discussion on applying it
  • And several stat blocks are provided with notes to demonstrate how the stat blocks match the CR.