Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers II


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Monstrous Bloodlines for Sorcerers II

Each sorcerer has a source of magic somewhere in her heritage that grants her spells, bonus feats, an additional class skill, and other special abilities. This source can represent a blood relation or an extreme event involving a creature somewhere in the familys past. For example, a sorcerer might have a dragon as a distant relative or her grandfather might have signed a terrible contract with a devil. Regardless of the source, this influence manifests in a number of ways as the sorcerer gains levels. A sorcerer must pick one bloodline upon taking her first level of sorcerer. Once made, this choice cannot be changed.

Below you will find seven all new monstrous bloodlines with which to customize your sorcerer.

Included are the following new sorcerer bloodlines:

  • Couatl: The benevolent, noble race of the couatl are independent servants of lawful good deities, but even they need the help of mortals in the struggle against the forces of chaos and evil. The gift of a couatl feather is a precious token for those who have done a couatl a service, used in the summoning of that feathered serpent in returning reward.
  • Eidolon: As the variegated race of eidolons are outsiders attuned to their humanoid summoners, and often assume biped form, it is reasonable to expect that their bloodlines would mix.
  • Flail Snail: Though some bloodlines speak of destiny, legacy, or dimension-crossed lovers, the emergence of those wondrous freaks linked to the "flail snail" are an accident of ecology.
  • Flumph: The seemingly benign and comical flumph are by turns ignored and persecuted by the races of the world, and few know their noble mission in the cosmos.
  • Phoenix: In the distant past, the noble phoenix was somewhat more common, and had more in common with the peoples of the world. Their deference for the fiery creature may not have been worship, but may as well have been.
  • Pugwampi: The odious race of pugwampi, offshoot of the highly mutable gremlin breed, would not be part of a desired pedigree of any humanoid race. Unfortunately the wretched feys" taint has crept into the bloodlines of humanoids from an incident several decades ago.
  • Time: To call the conflict between the residents of the demiplane of Time, the Flayers and the Elementals "eternal" would be foolish. Time is both tool and plaything for them, like water to wash and dabble in.