Pug's Bazaar: Tent #3


Fat Goblin Games/Tricky Owlbear

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Pug's Bazaar: Tent #3

After years of adventuring and narrow escapes from dungeons (and other merchants!), Toeslicer goblin peddler Pug is ready to assist you with all of your adventuring needs. Sure, he's got competition from that other goblin huckster but Pug is as trustworthy as they come! He invites you to stop by his tent and see his amassed treasures...which you can have if the price is right.

Pug's Bazaar: Tent #3 includes the following items.

Ukhram's Annexer and Dominator

Plate of the Vanguard

Scrolls of Sangivaas

Canned Trapsmith

Goggles of Wardmarking

Opportunistic Sense

Bandoleer of Distractions

Worldsplitting Orb

Loremaster's Ashes