Orcs of the Eternal Zenith

by Raging Swan Press

Raging Swan Press



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Orcs of the Eternal Zenith

The golden hush of midday bakes the rocky slopes of Marred Peak, scorching the hands of the orcish penitents sweltering before their shining prophet, Granalak Searshriek. The orcs, inspired by a visiting, ill-advised missionary, turned to worship the violent, burning aspect of the sun. Guided by divine insight, Searshriek constructs a vast machine of cold iron, imprisoned fey and many-faceted gemstones to harness the noonday sun and tear a hole in reality. This imposing Zenith Engine looms atop the melted rock of Marred Peak, opening a gate into the burning heart of the sun, and threatening to bring endless conflagration into the world.

In the teeming human cities, orcish adherents to Searshrieks damned philosophy infiltrate the hallowed halls of the sun gods faith, spreading the corrupt cancer to the heart of civilization. The secret doctrines of the Eternal Zenith Heresy threaten to undermine the fabric of the church, and cause a violent schism within the ranks, bringing the War of the Burning Light to the cities of man.

Orcs of the Eternal Zenith presents:

  • Three new spells
  • Two new feats
  • Three new magic items
  • One new minor artifact
  • Twelve stat blocks (CRs 1/2 - 8) detailing tribal members and allies.


Overall, the book was well worth the price; the tribe's background was interesting, and contained easily usable elements for nearly any GM's table.

--Ben Kent (five stars)

The Orcs of the Eternal Zenith are resplendent in every way - iconic, evil, unique, cool and most of all: Easy to use and yet different from your run-of-the-mill greenskin. I honestly didn't expect too much, but I can easily see a whole series of adventures or even a whole campaign revolving around taking these brutes down and leading them back to old, more chaotic and less apocalyptic ways.

--Endzeitgeist (4.5 stars)

This has a great history and twist to the tribe which can lead to some unexpected allies among the tribe. There new religion is very cool in the way it takes a good god of the sun and twists it's meanings to fit the evil orcs. It is chalked full of idea's on how to use this in a existing game. I would say easily this is the best of the series to date.

--Dark Mistress (4.5 stars)

Another great buy from Raging Swan. These guys are like the Beatles of PDF's, look out for the British invasion.

--Thomas Chalker (five stars)