Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh


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Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh

When I was a little kid, my brother introduced me to the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The local Co-Op has the Basic Game box set as well as a host of D&D action figures and toys. One of the toys that I was allowed to buy was a bendy Neo-Otyugh. Since those young days, the otyugh has always been my favourite monster of the Dungeons and Dragons and now Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. So it is with great joy that I release:

Otyughnomicon: Northern Waste Otyugh

This product contains the northern waste creature temple, two templated otyughs [aberration and magical beast versions], a barbarian tribal otyugh, a bear shaman otyugh, six associated spells, an otyugh bloodline for sorcerers (with their associated spells). As usually, this release contains new art from Michael Scotta and tokens for all the northern waste otyugh and a handful of polar bears.

Bendy Neo-Otyugh

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