Pathfinder Short Cuts: Witch Patrons of Freeport

by Green Ronin Publishing

Green Ronin Publishing



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Pathfinder Short Cuts: Witch Patrons of Freeport

Witch Patrons of Freeport
Pathfinder Short Cuts PDF
Author: Owen K.C. Stephens
Format: 7-page, full-color PDF [1.2 MB download]

Short Cuts are tightly-focused PDF products that look at a single topic relevant to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. All Short Cuts are appropriate for use with Freeport: The City of Adventure, but can also be easily used in any Pathfinder RPG-compatible campaign setting.

Short Cuts: Witch Patrons of Freeport is a 7-page pdf that presents four new, mysterious patrons to fuel witches in Freeport. Rather than vague concepts like strength or ancestry, these patrons are specific powers tied to Freeport's campaign world, such as the King in Yellow and the elven hero of legend Thodomer Windgress, but appropriate for use in any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible campaign setting. In addition to defining the background of these patrons and the bonus spells they grant, this product talks about how others react to witches serving these patrons, and presents unique hexes available only to witches with specific patrons.