Saturday Night Special 3: Ice Tower of the Salka (PFRPG)


Brand: Frog God Games

Another of the Saturday Night Specials series, this adventure takes your players into the freezing wilderness. Sixty years ago, a mysterious flood of glacial ice utterly buried the tower stronghold of the Salka, a powerful and evil sorceress known throughout the land. Now, fissuring of the deep ice has revealed the rooftop of this lost tower. The secrets and treasurers of the Salka lie within, awaiting a band of powerful adventurers to explore the depths of her ice-entombed stronghold.

An adventure for PCs Level 8-12

Formats: (separate purchase) Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder

Page Count: 28

Author(s): James C. Boney

Scheduled Release: November 2012