Player's Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets


Purple Duck Games

Format: PDF

Player's Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets

Your party finds all sorts of cool and potentially valuable treasure as they explore ruins, dungeons, wilderness and tombs, and yet when it comes to selling the items - or even just distributing them among your party - you can't remember what you have, what you know about it, what you think it might be worth or anything else about it. You keep notes scattered here and there, as do the rest of the players in your group, but those scattered notes are often hard to find when you need them.

We've been there! To help keep track of things like that, we developed these handy sheets for recording the treasure you find. There are four sheets - one for keeping track of coins, currency, gems and jewelry, one for armor, shields and weapons, and one for everything else, plus a blank sheet you can customize for your own needs.

Never again forget what treasure you've found and what you know about it with Player's Aid I: Treasure Tracking Sheets from Purple Duck Games!