Player's Options: Half-Orcs


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Format: PDF

Player's Options: Half-Orcs

Half-orcs have been dealt a rough hand, both in-character and out. Though present in the first edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, they have flickered in and out of playability for the past thirty-odd years. Still, a half-orc is damnably hard to kill.

If you are holding this book, you are probably one of the half-orc's stalwart fans. There is a charm in the monster, a charm in the brute, a charm in the outsider that no other core character race can emulate. Half-orcs are made to be extreme characters. A half-orc is either a noble savage or a murderous monster; they accept no middle ground and tolerate no compromise. They are ideal for games of great heroes and terrible villains.

Presented here are several options for your half-orc characters, including new racial variants, feats, flaws, and equipment. Enjoy! 

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